What are industry professionals saying....


"There are not many people who have dedicated themselves to the life-long pursuit of education in the arts. I’m pleased to recognise Zac as one of the few who believe that teaching voice (and guitar) requires more than just a cheap business card. For those who are fortunate enough to work under the tutelage of Zac, they will find his enthusiasm for singing and performance is of the highest standard. They’ll also be greatly benefitted by his level of expertise; a standard that is only achieved through years of dedicated study. When you are receiving tuition from Zac Bradford, you’re receiving lessons of the highest standard."

- Dr. Daniel K. Robinson, Contemporary Singing Voice Specialist


"I was Zac's direct supervisor in the summer of 2013 at the Appel Farm Arts Camp. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such an artist. Very organized and always well prepared for all of his classes. The high quality of his students' performances spoke for his work. His input into the music department was undeniable, his professionalism and enthusiasm helped his students as well as his colleagues to have a fun and educational experience."

- Amr Selim, Stony Brook University: Teaching Assistant 

What are students saying....

"This past summer I had the pleasure of having Zac Bradford as a vocal instructor. I learned where my sound was being made and how to find harmonies. He really helped me with not just my singing but also my stage presence and how to audition with confidence. I'm so glad to say that I truly learned so much and that my voice has definitely improved."

- Alexis Epstein, NJ, USA


"Zac has helped me out with my singing skills over the past year. His knowledge has helped me improve my performance skills and technique, and I would not be the singer I am today without him. Thank you Zac."

- Robbie Mitchell, QLD, Australia


"During my lessons with Zac I learned many skills that have helped me as I continue to sing. He makes concepts easy to understand while teaching you in fun and creative ways. I highly recommend Zac as a teacher, you will learn how to improve your voice while having fun."

- Paris Varnier, TX, USA


"Zac is a very polite and respectful teacher. He has much knowledge and shares a range of techniques that benefit the student in achieving their goals. His ability to communicate effectively allows him to lead the student in the correct path. Within just one lesson a week with him, i would walk out of the lesson feeling confident as i notice just how much his teachings had effectively bettered my vocal skills."

- John Darragh, QLD, Australia


" Zac is a wonderful teacher, he is very good at adapting to students music and learning style. He communicates clearly and focuses on filling gaps in students learning. He's a very great musician and I've learnt a lot from being his student."

- Matt Vines, QLD, Australia